You’ll be stuck with yourself forever

“I love my life. I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free. I love my life. I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me. I love my life.” I guess you all know from which song is this verse. It’s from Robbie Williams’s song Love my life and when I first heard it, I had to sit down, because it was so good. It talks about something we all lack and that’s definitely self-love and self-acceptance. And I don’t mean just loving yourself, but also loving your job, your relationships, your current situation – basically, loving your life. It’s hard sometimes and I’ve been there, but if you put a little bit of your time to self-improvement, you’ll get to your ‘happy place’.

Why diets don’t work

Nowadays we hear a lot about eating healthy and exercising and wherever you look at, you can find a new diet, from Mediterranean diet to Atkins diet. And if you believe me or not, many people still go after so many different diets and they sooner or later get disappointed. Why? All of these different types of diets are based on either eliminating different food groups or restricting their daily intake and yes, you may lose ‘weight’ (which is mostly water weight), but after you start eating ‘normally’ again, you gain weight back.

Why, how and is it even possible?

As you probably know, I ran my first half-marathon about 4 months ago (on January 1st, if I’m exact). That was one of the biggest achievements in my life and one step closer to my lifetime goal – running a marathon. I don’t even know, how this goal occured in my mind, because I was never a runner. I ran what I had to – those 60m, 600m and 2k runs in school, but I was always in the background. I never loved running, because it was hard and because I was never good at it. But when I came in high school, I started running more and I found out that maybe I have a potential with it. I started running a few runs per week and I was able to run 10k after a few weeks. And that was mostly it. I don’t remember that I would ever run more than that back then.

Have you ever thought about it?

A few days ago I was talking to my cousin Natalija and she said to me: “Have you ever thought that you would be working on yourself so much?” And my answer was “No.” But why? Because I was never taught that I should work on myself or better myself in any meaning of the word. It’s crazy that life can turn around in such a different way and me, working on myself, is one of the best things that could’ve happened to me.

Why vegetarian?

Since my blog is all about health, physical and mental, I’ve decided that I’ll share my vegetarian journey with you – how and why did I become a vegetarian. A lot of times, when people hear that I am a vegetarian, their first question is why and how was I able to eliminate meat. It seems impossible to make that transition, but it was quite easy for me. Yes, I was a little bit lost at the beginning, especially because nobody around me was a vegetarian and I couldn’t have used any information from them, but I educated myself a lot and that made my transition even easier.

All alone

Being alone. All alone. By yourself. Is it healthy or not? Is it really that bad to be alone or does it look like something worth thinking about? Spending time by yourself, at home or somewhere out there, used to be something that people were always afraid of. And if you were somebody that used to spend a lot of time by yourself, all alone, you were ‘weird’ or somebody that doesn’t socialize a lot. But, I think that over past few years, we finally adopted the mentality of being alone and that it’s actually not that bad.

You can’t do it!

“You are not strong enough to do this. You are not worth it. You are not capable of doing this. You just can’t do it!” You’ve probably heard something like this multiple times in your life and believe me, you are not an alone in this. Somebody telling you that you are not capable of doing something, it’s a true reflection of themselves and not a reflection of you. When I hear “You can’t do it”, I literally become anxious. It doesn’t matter if somebody tells it to me or to somebody else, but I think that nobody has rights to tell you that you can’t do something. Because you can!

Get motivated to workout

A lot of times, I get questions like this: “Tinkara, how can you be so motivated all of the time?” or “Tinkara, I admire you so much. How can you be so determined and never give up?” If you know me personally or just over the social media, you know that I love to workout. I love running, I love going to the gym, I love hiking and walking around – there is almost none of the activities that I’m not involved in. I just love to be active and everything I do, I do it, because I enjoy it. I don’t workout, because I have to.

Rise and shine, just like the sun

Opportunities are just like the sunrise – if you wait too long, you miss them. And you don’t have the same opportunity twice. Just like the sunrise. Once you miss it, you can’t turn back the time to rewatch it again. It simply slips away.

One and only

Hello! Todays post was supposed to be something on motivation and persistance, but since Mother’s day is today, I’ve decided to write something about this theme. March 25th is the day that is dedicated to our mothers. Women, who gave us life and who stand by us no matter what. They support us, love us,…

Eating disorders

Hello! Every time that I hit a next milestone of mine, I write something that’s more serious and it’s usually about my eating disorder in the past. I don’t write about it all the time, because I’m still not 100% comfortable with writing and telling everything about it, but I’m trying. Todays milestone is 2000…

2 am

Hello again! If you know me personally then you know that I’m a huge overthinker, especially when I have too much time and nothing to do. It doesn’t happen often, but when it happens, I think like a huge engine with infinite turns. The problem that usually occurs is that I think about 100 things…