What’s been going on?


I’m finally back, after a really long time. I haven’t been posting lately (for about 3 weeks), because I was too busy with studying for my exams. My intention was to post once a week, but I just didn’t have time. It was a difficult decision to ‘give up’ on writing during my finals, but I knew that posts wouldn’t be as good as I wanted them to be and I just focused on studying as hard as possible. My goal is to give you the best of me and I know that now, when I’m finally back, my content will be just the way I want it to be. Enjoy reading it!

So, where have I been and what’s been going on with me and my life? As I already said, I’ve been super busy with studying and I have to say that it was hard for me as hell. I had a really hard time with focusing on studying, because I wasn’t used of it anymore. But, when I’ve fallen back into it, it went quite good. But even though, my life was mainly focused on studying last 2 months, everything didn’t go as I planned. I failed, really hard and even though I was disappointed and angry at first, I realized that everything happens for a reason and I guess, it’s supposed to be this way. I will study hard next 2 months, because my main goal is still to pass this year, but if it doesn’t work out as I want it to work out, I will have to find some other way. davEverything that happens in our lives, happens because it’s meant to happen and if we fail, we fail. But, we have to get up and try again. And again and again. One day, everything will make perfect sense and everything will be just the way it’s supposed to be.

Next thing that has been still going in, is my marathon training. I’m currently finishing week 12 of my prep (progress post is coming up next week) and everything is going as planned. I won’t lie to you, I had some issues with my left hip and it was painful. I still don’t know what happened and what the ‘injury’ actually was, but I know that I almost gave up. I came to a point in my prep, where I knew that I have to do something or I’ll give up, because it was really discouraging. It doesn’t happen a lot that I want to give up, but I haven’t ever come to a point in my life, where 90% of my choice was to let everything go and reconcile myself with the situation. But fortunately, I didn’t give up and that’s just another milestone in my training that made me stronger and even more motivated. I still ran as it was planned, but I also stretched more and did some yoga as well, just to take some pressure of my hip. And it was better. I still feel it sometimes, especially after a long run, but it’s getting better and I’m beyond happy that injury didn’t end my marathon prep.

IMG_4150-01.jpegIn these 2 months, I worked a lot on my relationships, especially with my mother. We always had an amazing mother-daughter relationship, but now, when we finally closed an important chapter of our lives and let go of the past, we finally had an opportunity to catch up a little bit. And I’m really glad that we did, because I missed our talks and laughing together and just being silly with one another. She is an amazing mother and friend and after everything that she has been through, she deserves all the best. She is always there when we need her and she would literally give everything for us, even if that meant that she was left with nothing. She is one huge heart and that’s why I wish her all the happiness in the world. We spend some time together, along with my brother and we had an amazing time. I just wish that my sister would have been also with us, but we’ll definitely make up for that when she comes home. Family means the world to me and if I can spend time with my mother, sister or brother, I’ll definitely take the chance and enjoy.

That’s pretty much what was happening during the time that I didn’t blog. To sum up, I was sleeping, eating and studying haha. I really missed writing, because I pretty much live with it and I’m glad that I’ll be spending more of my time on here. I’m somebody who thinks a lot and I love to express my feelings on my blog, that’s probably number one reason why I missed it so much. davBut I’m back and I have a lot of material to write about. I’m also thinking about changing a theme, but it would probably change my whole concept. I don’t know, but I’ll definitely be writing more. If you have any suggestions what I should write, feel free to comment down below. I’ll be glad to make my blog more interesting for you, my readers. As I said before, next post will come up on Wednesday and it will be 12-week update on my marathon training.

Until next time,


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