Marathon prep: Month of records


Marathon training is something that not everybody is able to do, because it requires a lot of determination, dedication, courage and persistance. But I decided for it and even though it seems impossible, I know it is possible and I will make it. 8 weeks of my prep are done and I can not be more excited for next weeks of running. It’s crazy how much I’ve actually progressed and even though 15k before seemed like a running hell, today it’s a distance that I could’ve run every day. So, what happened in last 4 weeks of my prep?

First of all, I have to say that running became a part of my daily routine and even though sometimes I don’t feel like doing it, I push myself and do it anyways. You know how they say that when you do something for 21 days that it becomes a habit? Well, I can totally relate to that, especially with this prep. A few days ago a friend of mine, wrote a comment on my photo and he wrote: ‘Born to run’. The funny thing is that day after day, I’m starting to believe that I was born to run. Running is something that is a huge part of my life and without it, I would be lost.

So, how did my training go last 4 weeks? With one word – AMAZING! As always, I had a lot of different types of runs, from sprints to long runs. I decided that I will probably eliminate sprints or adjust them a little bit in the future. Why? Sprints that are a part of my plan, are actually really difficult.


There are usually 200m long sprints, which is a lot to sprint and there are 10 to 15 repetitions, which is for me as a long-distance runner, a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I love sprints, but in such a difficult way, it’s very difficult for me as well. So, I’ll probably adjust them (6-8 repetitions for 100m-200m) or I’ll rather do a short recovery run instead. It’s important that I listen to my body and if I see that something is not good or that something is too difficult for me for this stage of training, I rather stop and slow down a little bit. I always had some kind of injury, when I was training for a competition, and that’s why I don’t want to risk any more injuries.

Besides sprints, running was a true blessing for me in this 4 weeks. I had longer runs, which was really good for me, especially because I used to run 10 to 15 k before this prep. But when my prep started, I had really short runs and I really missed those long runs. But I finally came to a stage in my prep, where longer runs are coming back and I’m so excited for next few weeks. The longest run that was planned was 10,5 k, but once I ran 15 k, instead of 9 k, so I guess that was my longest run in these 4 weeks. I had two race runs, which I already talked about in one of my previous posts, but I’ll just mention them both in here, because they were a true turning points for me. One was a 2,5 k student’s run on a castle and even though it was an hard, uphill race, I made it and it gave me one really important point. I decided that I will run more diverse runs and not just ‘flat runs’. And the second race was DM women’s run, which was 10 k and it was even more ‘uphilly’ than I imagined, but I still managed it and I was 277 out of more than 1000 women! Crazy!


There were also 2 more milestones that I achieved in these 4 weeks, better said, in last 2 weeks. First one was on June 3rd, when I ran the fastest 15k ever. I ran it in 1:22:22, which was 7 minutes and 22 second better than the last one that I ran. It’s crazy to even think about all the progress that I’ve made in only 8 weeks and it’s even crazier to think what else I’ll do in next 4, 8 or 12 weeks, up until the race day, which will be held in October. Mind-blowing! The second record that I crashed, was my time on 10k. I ran it on June 8th and I set a new record of 49:44. This is more than 5 minutes better than about 3 years ago, when I ran my first official 10k race and I even had 2 injuries in between. I actually don’t have words for everything that I achieved in this prep or in last year with my running. From starting from nothing in August and then training for my first half-marathon and now training for my first ever marathon – I’m literally speechless.

Besides all those records and unbelievable runs, I also changed my diet. I finally balanced my meals, which are now regular from the morning until the evening. I eat every 3 hours and have about 5 meals per day, full of nutritious foods. And the result of it is definitely better condition, more energy and definitely better mood, which helps me a lot with my training. I never thought that nutrition has such a strong impact on training and now I can finally say that nutrition is 80% of the final result.18835933_10211067927226752_1785017885190533581_n

What else can I say? I’m so so so excited for next weeks of training and I just hope that nothing bad happens, such as injury or illness. I’m so grateful that so far, everything is going just like I imagined it, even better if I look more accurate. I found something that is a part of my day and even though people think that I’m crazy to even think about training for a marathon or they think that I’m not able to do it, well, that’s their problem, not mine. I believe in myself and I know that nothing, literally nothing, will stop me. “Tough runs don’t last. Tough runners do.” This quote is something that motivates me so much, because I know that legs will continue, but it’s all in my head and how determined I’ll be when it comes to 42,2k. You know what? I WILL DO IT!

Until next time,


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