Changes – yes or no?

18927007_10211068525081698_825633874_oHello again!

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” We all fear change. Change is something unknown, something that puts us out of our comfort zone and even though it is difficult and scary at first, it turns out to be the best decision that you could’ve made. At least for me. But I wasn’t always as opened to changes as I am now. Why?

As I already said, change is something that we don’t know what it will bring us. It’s something that scares us, but excites us at the same time. But it depends on us, which part prevails. I used to be scared of changes all of the time and whenever I had to change something, I became afraid of it. I used to overthink a lot – what will the change do to me or my life, what will the consequences be, what will other people think of it. Too many thoughts, too much thinking and what I’ve seen with myself is that every time I overthought, I didn’t decide to do the change in the end. I used to find something negative in the opportunity and even though there were 1000 other positive things about it, I was too scared to even try. I was afraid to try, because I wasn’t sure if it will work out. I was afraid to fail, because failure means that you are an idiot that just doesn’t know how to do anything. That was my mindset and that’s why a lot of opportunities and challenges just passed by me, not knowing that they could actually make me and my life better.18949042_10211068525001696_641287312_o

Now I know that change is something that everybody should do from time to time, because it’s probably the best thing that you could do for you and your life. Change is something magical and even though we don’t know what the actual result will be, it’s the best possible way that we could’ve chosen. I’m not afraid of changes anymore and I’m glad that I don’t fear them, because if I wouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone (probably thousand times) in the last year and a half, I wouldn’t have come to where I am today. Change is a new opportunity to me. New opportunity to be a better person, to be more positive and happy, to be bold and more courageous. Change is literally something that betters my life and yes, sometimes I get scared at first, but once I realize how the change will affect my life, in a more positive way, I grab it with open hands.

I love changes, because they help me grow in the best and most efficient way possible. First of all, you need guts to even think about change and you need real guts to take the opportunity and make the most out of it. Secondly, changes bring happiness and the feeling of fulfillment in my life. They give my life a meaning and a totally new perspective on things and relationships. And last, but definitely not least, they make my life better in so many different ways. And what I love the most about them, changes make ME a better person. I am more bold with my decision, I challenge myself more, I have goals, which are getting bigger and bigger every single month and I am just happier. 18926981_10211068524921694_580535007_oI’m excited about the future, because I know that life will bring me a lot of new opportunities that will challenge me, but change my life as well.

What are some of the changes that I actually took in last months? Firstly, I started working on myself, my physical and mental health. And this is probably the biggest change that I did. I changed my hairstyle, dyed my hair purple, started eating healthier and started exercising regularly. Workout is a big part of my life and I used to exercise, just because I had to. But now, I truly enjoy it and training for a marathon is definitely something I never thought I would be doing, but I am. Running is my passion and when I decided to start training for a half-marathon and now a marathon, the change was scary at first and still is, because you don’t know if you’ll be able to run it, but it’s challenging as well. I stopped thinking about what others think of me and that’s probably the biggest change I’ve ever done, because it made my life more enjoyable and I can do things that I want and not because others want me to. I removed negative people from my life, because they made me miserable and anxiuos and I don’t need that kind of people by my side. 18836388_10211068525041697_1014555442_o

These are just some of the changes that I did in order to live my life to the fullest and become a better version of myself. I think that it’s really important to change something from time to time, because we are meant to live our lives to the fullest and without changes, our lives would’ve been really boring and ‘sad’. You only have this one opportunity to make the most out of it and if you don’t use it well, you’ll definitely regret it at the end. “It only takes one person to change your life – YOU.” I love this quote from Ruth Casey, because it’s 100% true. You are the only one that can change your future and your life, not your parents, friends or anybody else. Only you. And yes, changes take time, determination and hard work, but if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

Until next time,


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