Marathon prep: First month struggles


As you probably realized, I didn’t publish a new post on Wednesday and I won’t be publishing on Wednesdays for about 2 months. I’ve decided that I’m going to publish new post on every Saturday from now on, because I have to focus more on my studying and even though I’m sad that I have to minimize my writing here on my blog, I have to do it in order to finish my school year successfully. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I think that publishing once a week is still the best idea. I will try to do my best and write the best possible posts on Saturdays and I hope those posts will be even better. That was my news for today, so let’s hop into todays post.

As you probably know, I’m currently training for my first ever marathon, which will be held in October in Ljubljana. If you haven’t read my post about why I decided for it and how I’m going to train for it, read it here, otherwise keep on reading. I’ve decided that after every month of my prep or training, whatever you want to call it, I’ll do a little recap of how I trained, what I trained, how I felt and I’ll share with you every single ‘secret’ that you need to know to successfully train for a marathon or any other run. Sounds good?

So, these first 4 weeks were all about seeing where I stand, what is my current speed and how strong I actually am. First 2 weeks were more about tasting my limits and recognizing my strongest and weakest points. It was more about time than about distance, because this marathon plan that I have, starts slowly and then increases distance by week. 18452228_10210882622674254_1823874573_o.jpgAnd that’s why I love this Nike app so much – anybody can use it, because it doesn’t require any fitness level in advance. You can be a complete beginner and it will set it to your goals and abilities. The other half of this month started being more about distance than about timing. Week by week another kilometer is added, so that at the end you get to that 42,2 k mark. All 4 weeks I ran 5 times per week and the other 2 days were rest days for me. There were different types of runs, recovery runs, sprints, long runs, benchmark runs, tempo runs and some NTC workouts as well, so that it’s not all just about cardio. And these various types of runs actually make the training even more exciting, because you are not only running those boring runs every single day. Those sprints and tempo runs actually add some excitement to your training.

The longest run I did, was yesterday and it was ‘only’ 6k. It wasn’t difficult for me, because I’m used to running these short runs, but it was still exciting and I can’t wait for next weeks, when I’m going to run even further. This first 4 weeks were sometimes really challenging for me. I actually thought that they will be the easiest ones in my prep, but I guess they were the most challenging, even though I know it won’t be easy in the future as well. First of all, I discovered that I love running in the evening and by evening I mean at 10 or 11 pm, which is probably the night, right? It’s not too cold, there is literally nobody in the city at that time and it just feels amazing. Yes, I completely wake up, which is probably not the best idea, because I don’t fall asleep until 2 am, but I adore evening runs. 18492993_10210882613234018_1440548523_oSecondly, I found out that I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought I was. I go for a run, even though I don’t want to or I’m not feeling like running or even if it’s raining outside. Many of you will think that I’m crazy and I probably am haha, but I literally fell in love with running and I can’t imagine my day without it. And that’s why I go for a run even when others don’t. But those moments of weakness will bring me success and even though sometimes I wanted to give up, I told myself that those are the moments that at the end will bring me success and that those are the moments that I’ll be thinking about, when I run that marathon in October. I also did sprints outside, which I never did (I mostly ran them on a treadmill in the gym and it’s completely different and much easier) and I realized that I run 5k much faster than I did a year or more ago. It’s crazy that I actually improved my time so much! It’s better for about 8 minutes and I still think that I can run it for about a minute faster. It’s all a proof that I’m improving myself and that with hard work, determination and dedication, you can do anything.

This is probably everything that I’ve wanted to share with you about this first month of my marathon prep. It’s an amazing feeling when you know that you are working on your dreams and that with every run that you run, you are closer to achieveing them. 18452429_10210882613194017_1592417485_oTraining for a marathon requires a lot of determination, dedication, courage and self-motivation, but if you want something as bad as I want to run a marathon, nothing is impossible. I know that this first month was only a warm-up for everything that is coming next, but I’m ready to conquer anything. If you are training for a marathon or if you’ve ever ran a marathon, I’ll be beyond happy if you share your experience in the comments as well. We can all support each other on the path to achieving something big. If you have any questions, connected to todays theme, feel free to ask. I’ll be glad to answer you.

Until next time,


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