Saying goodbye


Yesterday I was thinking about theme for todays post and one of the ideas was ‘saying goodbye’. Why did I pick this one? My sister went to Ireland today as an au-pair and she’ll be gone for about 5 months (until September). I won’t write about saying goodbye to her, but something else came on my mind. Why not to write about saying goodbye to your old habits and negative people? Why not to write about leaving your past behind you? Why not write about changing yourself for better?

When you think about saying goodbye, you probably think about saying goodbye to a person you love, going to another country. But saying goodbye doesn’t always need to be sad and miserable. Saying goodbye doesn’t always need to be saying goodbye to a certain person. Saying goodbye can be something very positive, exciting and most importantly, life-changing, you just have to use it in the right way.

b0bd1pnimaafxlvFirst thing I want to expose here, is saying goodbye to your past. Don’t dwell there and overthink it over and over again. Nobody needs that, especially if you had a really bad past, full of sadness and disappointments. It’s important that you move on, not just because it’s time to move forward, but because of you. Believe me, when you stop returning to your past, you will feel good and you won’t constantly connect everything that’s happening to you right now, with your past. Learn from everything that happened to you and move on. It will allow you to start living in the present (not in the past anymore) and you will move on much stronger and confident.

Next one is definitely saying goodbye to toxic and negative people in your life. If you haven’t already removed them from your past, you most certainly have some people who are there only to make you sad, negative, frustrated, anxious – if I sum up, they don’t add any value to your life. Remove them from your life. I’ve talked about eliminating negative people from your life in one of my previous posts (you can read it here), but I will point this theme a lot more, because it’s important that you realize that toxic people and relationships have a huge impact on your life and your mind. When you are surrounded with those kinds of people, you become one of them – you act very similarly and you think likewise as well. So, surround yourself with people who are kind, loving, who help you, support you, accept you the way you are and most importantly, who are healthy for you.

Your habits define you more than you think. How you do something, that’s how you do everything. If you don’t brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, well, then you’re probably careless at other things as well. We all have habits that we would’ve wished we wouldn’t have had them. 17105936_10210233311121871_830518597_oOne bad habit of mine is definitely biting my cuticle, when I’m nervous and stressed. I used to bite my nails as well, but fortunately, I got rid of that bad habit of mine. What are your bad habits that you want to get rid of? Say goodbye to those habits and start something new.

The last, and probably the most important thing that you should say goodbye to, is you. Yes, you read it right. If you are not satisfied with yourself, with your appearance, your health, your organization or whatever it is, leave it behind you and improve it. Change something. Don’t just sit and wish that you were fitter and stronger and healthier. If you don’t start eating healthier and exercising regularly, believe me, you won’t get in a shape. If your desk is not organized and is full of unimportant things, they won’t clean by themselves. Get up, clean your desk and you will have a clean space to do your work. If you don’t like something about yourself, change it. I had a really negative mindset before and I started working on myself, on my growth and yes, I am totally changed person today. It won’t happen overnight, but after constantly doing something new and changing good things for those bad ones, believe me, you’ll get to where you want to be. Saying goodbye to those things, to your mindset, isn’t a bad thing. Yes, your friends and family may not understand at first why you are doing that, but after they see that those changes are good for you and your soul, they will understand as well and they will support you. Always keep in mind that everything you do, you do for yourself, not for others. Everything you integrate in your life or switch good for bad, will help you grow and develope your personality.

17016621_10210233312081895_145893770_oAs I already said, saying goodbye isn’t something bad. It can freshen your life and change it forever. Changing some things for better ones or moving on from your past, will help you become happier and healthier in general. I love this quote from Paulo Coelho, which is by the way, one of my favourite writers and inspirations, and it goes like this: “If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” Don’t be afraid or scared of saying goodbye to something that is no longer serving you and making you happy. Be brave, conquer you fear, change something and start using it in your favour. Yes, it takes a lot of courage to actually step out of your comfort zone and do it, but the reward will be priceless. Say goodbye to your past, your bad habits, negative you and say hello to your present and future, your new and fresh habits and more positive and happier you. You can do this!

Until next time,


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  1. Thomas pravi:

    Amazing post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Yes you are so right is so important to say goodbye to toxic person!
    Amazing post love it!

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    1. tinkaragolob pravi:

      Thank you so much! 😊

      Všeč mi je

  3. Maninio pravi:

    oh I love your post!!!! Especially the point of saying goodbye to the negative people.. I think its the best of all. They can suck your blood.. i have experienced it a lot of times. thanks for posting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tinkaragolob pravi:

      Oh, thank you! Negative people have a huge influence on anybody’s life and not in a positive way. That’s why it’s important to remove them from your life and replace them with those that love and support you.❤

      Všeč mi je

  4. The Fashion Matters (@thefashionmatters) pravi:

    can totally relate to this. great post!

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  5. Awsome post! Love it. Yes you are right, where we always say good bye to other people like you defined in this post. We should also say goodbye to our bad habits. Nice..

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  6. pravi:

    Yes…toxic people live sucking energy from positive people….very timely post

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  7. gerakeliauti pravi:

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Rabz Haq pravi:

    Lovely.. thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tinkaragolob pravi:

      Thank you for reading!

      Všeč mi je

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