Life is a collection of moments

15966594_10209809445365492_1936829050_oHello again!

Life is a collection of moments – would you agree with me? I think that if you look at your life from the right perspective, you can see all the amazing things that have already happened and that are happening to you right now. But, nowadays, people usually lose themselves in all the rush and social media. They chase likes instead of dreams, surf the web instead of the world, build profiles instead of connections. Those are the things that are important to them, but at the end, all that matters is who you were as a person and what have you done in your life. Why am I writing about this? Because I had an amazing experience 2 days ago and if I wouldn’t give myself a chance to just jump and go, I would miss on a lot of beautiful things.

15966336_10209809428485070_1979562083_oMy sister called me on a Sunday evening and asked me if I would go with her and her room-mate on a trip to the seaside. First thing that crossed my mind was, that I don’t have time, because I have million things to do and at first, I told her that I just can’t go. But as soon as I ended that call with her, I started thinking (as always): I have an opportunity to go to the seaside for free, with my sister and amazing company, on a beautiful day. What was I even thinking?! You know, those are the things that I still have problems with – I should be more spontaneous and just take all the opportunities that life gives me. So, 5 minutes later, I wrote to her that I’m going.

And I don’t regret it at all. I met 3 amazing people, spend time with my sister and just relaxed after a long time. Koper is such a beautiful city. I was there exactly 11 years ago with my school and I actually forgot how beautiful it is. There are that tiny streets, beautiful surroundings and really nice people. I fell in love with the city. Again. We weren’t there for the whole day, but just being there, filled me with the energy and peace. I also found my favourite place! There is one tea-house, named Vanilla, that has so many 15966682_10209809444885480_1752591840_odifferent types of tea. When I first walked in, I said that I won’t buy anything. Not that I didn’t have money, but I’m such a tea person that I always want to try and buy everything. You know what happened at the end? I left that tea-house with 2 heavenly good teas. Something tells me that I’ll have to go back in a month.

What counts the most, is the time that I spend with my sister. When we were little, we never got along very well. We were literally fighting all the time! But now, we are pretty close and I wouldn’t imagine life without her. Yes, we went through a lot of things together and maybe they connected us even more. And that’s why I really enjoyed that day with her. We were just walking around, talking about things, taking pictures and creating our own memory. And I’m grateful that she invited me and literally convinced me that I went. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have had such an amazing morning together.

It was a really nice day. And I know I will definitely remember it. I think that we should all live a little bit more. I sometimes find myself stuck in the same routine, because I don’t give myself the opportunity to experience more. I like to sit in the city or the park and just watch people. They are all rushing somewhere. And that’s life. But it shouldn’t be like that. We should all experience more. Travel more. Spend time with people we love. Do things that we love. Be in nature. Challenge ourselves. Try different things. Just enjo15967772_10209809429405093_1260350255_oy life in general. But the only thing we actually do is: get up, go to work, go home, complain and go to sleep. This is the reality. And it’s sad that we only have this one life and we spend it by being unhappy and not experiencing it at all.

This experience, even though it probably doesn’t feel special to you at all, taught me a lot of things about myself. Firsty, I have to think less and do more. Especially give myself the opportunity to try different things and meet different people. Yesterday, another amazing thing happened to me. When me and my sister went to the shop, one foreign girl went too and she asked for direction. At the end, we found out that she is an Irish exchanged student, studying law and that she will be in Slovenia until June. She was really nice and I hope we will hang out even more. I gave myself the opportunity to meet her and talk to her, even though I was insecure about my English. And those are things that I can improve and I know that if I dare to do more in the future, I will experience even more. And second lesson that I learnt: I became so much more opened, even to people that I don’t know. I used to be such an introvert and not share a lot about myself, but I’m a totally different person now. As I usually say, I have to work on myself even more, but just the fact that I love meeting new people and hang out with them, gives me chills all over my body, because I already progressed so much.

15991730_10209809428445069_306707261_oLast few words for you, my lovely reader: don’t just sit and complain about everything. Try to do more and experience more. Be spontaneous and just go, wherever you want. You only have one life, one opportunity to experience everything that you can imagine. Don’t wait until you are grey and old, because you will regret everything that you didn’t do, when you were young. Make memories that you’ll remember forever and talk to your grandchildren, when you are old.

Until next time,


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