Showing emotions = weakness

Some of you will probably find this post similar to the last one, but I came across one quote today, which made me think about a lot of things (as always) and it goes like this: “Sometimes it’s better to break down in tears and show your emotions than to keep it all inside and not tell a single soul.” Emotions are something that a lot of people underestimate and I think that we all take it for granted. They are a part of our every day, however we usually don’t pay much of our attention to them.

defaultFirstly, I want to tell you (if you still didn’t figure it out), that showing your true feelings or emotions isn’t your weakness. I grew up, not showing my emotions a lot, especially the ‘bad’ ones. People think that you should only show your positive emotions, such as happiness, enthusiasm, laughter, and hide your negative ones. In my opinion, you should show all of your emotions, even if you are angry, sad, embarrassed or disappointed. Those emotions are part of your life and they will always be there, because you can’t be happy and positive and energized all of the time. You will have bad days and things won’t happen the way you want them to be, but that’s life. And that’s why you should share your true emotions, even though they are not positive all of the time.

Emotions are not the sign of your weakness. You’ve probably found yourself in a position, where you felt sad and angry with the world and you just didn’t want to tell anybody about it. You pretended that everything is alright and that you feel happy and completely fine. Well, we’ve probably all been in that situation before. Keeping your true emotions inside you, not telling them to somebody you trust, is probably the worst feeling ever. But you just don’t want to annoy somebody with your problems, right? I totally understand you, because I’ve gone through that phase, too. I kept everything I felt, inside of me and everything was piling up through time, until I couldn’t take it anymore and I just had to talk to somebody. And believe me, I felt thousand times better. Keeping all your emotions inside is usually more harmful than you think. Yes, you don’t ‘annoy’ somebody else with your problems (as you probably think), but with hiding your feelings, you are hurting yourself the most.6a8c141b0945ae9201832152e3515ff8

It’s in our nature to show our emotions. And I encourage you to show your emotions more often. When I was growing up, it was weird if a guy or man showed his emotions, such as crying. It was a sign of weakness and everybody would’ve made fun of him. I think that even now, 10 years later, men, showing their emotions is some kind of a taboo subject. I don’t think about it in that way, but everybody has their own opinion. One more time – showing your emotions is not a weakness, but a strength. 
As I already said before, I am an emotional person and once I realized that, I started loving this part of me. Yes, sometimes it’s not the way I want it to be, but this is who I am and I love myself enough that I accepted it. I think that being emotional has some benefits; you can understand other people better and on the other side, other people can see your true self through your emotions. I also see this feature with myself: I take a lot of things very personal, but on the other side, become more passionate about it. For example, if somebody tells me that I can’t do something, it fires me up even more and I’ll do anything to show them contrary. Yes, a lot is connected to your personality, but a lot has to do with your emotions too.

If you find yourself stuck with negative emotions, either talk to somebody or try to help yourself. Take a step back, observe your feelings and make better life decisions. For example, if you feel angry with yourself, because you didn’t pass your exam, take a step back and firstly think, why you didn’t pass it and then, how you can pass it the next time. The answer probably lies in studying more, but whatever the answer is, try your best and try to convert your bad emotions in a life-learnt lesson and move on. Don’t dwell on it. The more you think about the situation that happened to you, the more concerned you’ll be with the situation you are in.

13819455_10208265961499360_830842082_nWe experience the world, we experience emotions, and then we interpret these feelings before deciding how to act. Because our feelings are so personal, we allow them to directly influence how we respond. This is a huge mistake. Emotions don’t tell you about the outside world. They tell you about yourself. They teach you about yourself – about how certain things affect you in certain ways. We experience emotion in order to help us better understand ourselves – to understand our strengths and weaknesses. Emotions are beneficial, only if we learn from them. But you can only learn from them, if you first learn to distance yourself from them, to take a step back and become an observer. Emotions will teach you more about you and your relationship to the outside world than anything else ever could. But you need to approach them as a student, a student of life. But keep in mind: it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to feel disappointed, it’s okay to be angry with somebody or something. But it’s also okay to find help and tell somebody about your problems. It will help you to move on and live life to the fullest.

Until next time,


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