A lot can change in a year

Hello again!

15731192_10209659983349035_602351972_nI spent yesterdays afternoon with my friends and we were talking about last year. It’s quite impressive when you think what actually happened in 2016. I have to say that 2016 was one of the hardest years of my life, but on the other side probably the life-changing one. It was full of ups and downs and I can’t believe how far I’ve actually come.

The period between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 was the hardest for me. We had some family issues, but I won’t write about it. Not because I don’t want to deal with it, simply because I’m already past it and there’s nothing to change. But it was quite a journey for me, I have to admit it. But, from every bad or good experience, I learnt something and if I learnt something from this one, it’s: firstly, things aren’t always the way they seem they are and secondly, I am responsible for my own happiness, nobody else. You are in charge of everything that happens to you. Yes, you can’t always have an influence on situations that happen to you, but you can choose how you’ll react to it.

15722414_10209659983629042_1493518789_nThis year, I found an amazing people or rather, they found me. Our paths have crossed and I couldn’t be happier that they did. I made a lot of new friends and some of them are literally my family. It sounds crazy, but some people are meant to come into our lives – some are there to brighten it, some are there to darken it. But everything happens for a reason and even though we usually don’t know what lies behind it, believe me, those people were sent to you for a certain reason. I don’t know if I was lucky enough, that I got those people in my life, but there is one thing I can say for certain – I’ve never felt more accepted and loved in my life. I have support and I will never be able to thank enough to those people. I know some of them are reading this right now and I know they found themselves in these words, but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You were the ones that literally saved me and I can’t even imagine where would I be if you weren’t there for me at that moment. Thank you!
The biggest change that happened to me in 2016, was definitely me. People say to me that I changed – I probably did, in their eyes, but I’d rather say that I finally found myself. I found my passion and I know I want to do that for the rest of my life. If you don’t already know, I didn’t finish my 2nd year on Uni and there are many reasons behind it (which I don’t 15682962_10209659983269033_1522132480_nwant to bring out). I’m not proud of it, especially because I was always good in school, but I don’t see nothing bad in it. Some people judge others for failing at school and I totally understand it, but it can happen to anybody. What I want to tell you, is that, even though I failed one year, I gave myself the opportunity to try something else and because of that I found my passion. Just because I gave myself the opportunity to try. I will finish Uni, because when I start something, I want to complete it, even though I don’t enjoy it or in this time I’m not interested in it. Leave some space opened for new things, for new challenges, for new opportunities, for new experiences – you never know what lies behind another door.
I totally changed the way I think. If you would’ve asked me to give you an advice for something today or a year ago, you would definitely get two totally different answers. Not because I change my mind every second, but because I grew so much. I finally put myself on the first place and if I can give you any advice for next year – always put yourself first. It’s important that you feel good about yourself and confident in everything you do. I didn’t feel good about myself a year ago. I was sad, lost, dissapointed, angry with the world, I didn’t do what I loved, I wasn’t confident. 15713278_10209659984069053_1118884595_nAnd I know it sounds crazy, especially if somebody who knows me from a year or more ago, reads this, because they probably would have never thought that I was like that. I was someone who kept everything inside and never showed my feelings, so everything looked amazing on the outside. But it was nothing like it seemed.

I don’t exactly know what was the turning point, I just know that it was between January and February when I finally realized that I have only one life and that I should live it to the fullest. And I know everybody talk about that, but I mean it for real. I started working on myself and as stupid as it probably sounds to you, reading personal development books and watching motivational videos, helps so much. Besides reading a lot, I was in the company, full of positive and energised people. And that’s something that helped me a lot. Can you imagine how it feels when you come in a room of 20 friends that are almost jumping through the roof? Yes, it is something like that and it feels amazing. Because even if you feel down and sad, you become happier around those people. And you know what is even funnier? That I am one of those positive, happy and energised people now.15722423_10209659983109029_1669819401_n Yes, I am. I can’t even tell you how much I grew, especially in my way of thinking and my personality is totally different now. I’m more confident, I try new things, I’m not giving attention to unimportant things, I’m positive, full of energy and probably most importantly, I’m happy – like never before. There are still some things that are a part of me and with that I mean especially care and help for others. That is something that won’t ever change.
I am not perfect. I have my fears and flaws, but I try to improve them. I was one of those people who always cared about others opinions – I am not like that anymore. I know myself the best and if somebody has bad opinion about me, I don’t care. Not even 1%. If they have it, it’s their problem, not mine. If you follow Gary Vaynerchuk on social media, he said something really important: “I put zero weight into anyone’s opinion about me, because I know exactly who I am.” So, worry less about others opinion of you and care more about your opinion of yourself.

One year and everything is different. Just one year. It seems like a short period of time compared to life, but believe me, everything can change in only one year. I would have never thought that my life would change so much and become so much exciting. I’ve experienced a lot in 2016, but all I remember is 3 important things: unforgettable memories, amazing15722724_10209659983709044_1342825481_n people and happiness. This literally sum up my year. I know it’s still a week until new year, but I want to tell you something. If I can wish you anything for the up-coming year, it is definitely this: follow your dreams and your heart, step out of your comfort zone (a lot), meet new people, try new things, work on yourself and be happy. All of them are free, but they can change your life in so many different ways. And leave behind something from 2016: disappointment, failure, toxic relationships, bad habits. Let the year 2017 be the best year so far!

Until next time,


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