Why I love to workout?


We all know that workout has a lot of benefits, especially for our health: reduces stress, boosts happiness and brainpower, improves memory and productivity, keeps you fit,… Those benefits are also reasons, why somebody decides to workout regularly. I was thinking a lot about why I actually enjoy workout so much, even though it feels like hell sometimes. When you go through the phase in your life, when everything you think about is workout and how you want to lose weight and then come to the phase, when you actually love and enjoy workout, well, that’s a totally different and life-changing experience.

Firstly, I usually workout in the morning, even though some people call me crazy. I get up at 5 or 6 am, in the summer even earlier, and go for a run, hike or in the gym. Why I even get up so early, if I could’ve slept until 10 am? Well, one of the reasons is that I get so much energy for the rest of the day. Even though I’m all grumpy when I wake up, workout actually wakes me up and gives me that boost that I need for the day. And no, I don’t go to sleep at 9 o’clock. I’m up until 12 pm or even longer, but I get up almost every day and do my morning workout. I don’t promote not sleeping, I just want to tell you that sometimes you have to do something bigger – go a step further – in order to succeed. I love my morning workout, because it gives me an amazing feeling afterwards, I still have plenty of time to do the things I planned and I feel more productive.

15493904_10209561849375747_1090684296_nI love workout, because I do what I like to do. I love running, I love hiking, I love going to the gym. I only do, what I really enjoy and not something that stresses me. We all love different sports; some love swimming, some love cycling, some love climbing. There is a huge variety of sports and it’s obvious that every person likes something else. If you are running and you hate running and can’t wait to finish that 5k, believe me, you won’t stick to it long. Another thing – if you don’t want to do it, you will make an excuse to skip it. So, find something that you love to do and do it. You will see that you will enjoy your workout 1000 times more.

The third reason is my mental health. I realized that workout has a huge impact on my mind and mental strength. I don’t workout, because I have to; I workout, because I love it and enjoy it. And workout literally relaxes me. When I run, I have time to think and focus on things, especially for the present ones. I clear my mind of past and future stress and just focus on here and now. Not to mention that my mental strength became so much stronger in the last year of regular exercise. I learnt so much about myself, about my discipline and especially about pushing my limits. There are all the things that eon’t help me just with my training, but they also help me on the other areas of my life. Besides discipline, I ‘learnt’ a lot about consistency, determination and especially belief in myself. Belief that I can do aynthing I set my mind to and never give up.

Exercise-Quotes-45.jpgWhat I’ve always wanted is to inspire others with what I do and it’s exactly the same with a workout. I know that people follow me, but I’ve never ever imagined that I could’ve had an impact on somebody’s life. People ask me for different advice, they want to train with me and I inspire them to start exercising too. A few days ago, one girl that follows me on instagram, said to me that I inspire her so much, because I’m just an ordinary girl who tries to be better version of herself. She said that she sees that I’m a real person and that I care about people, really try to help them and be an inspiration for others. And that means so much to me, because that’s something I’ve always wanted – help and inspire others. If somebody starts drinking more water, eat healthier or starts exercising because of me – believe me that those little things mean the world to me. Small changes add up to big changes over time.

Another reason why I love workout so much is feeling of freedom. When I run, I feel like I’m gonna conquer the whole world. The feeling is amazing. Workout gives me joy and happiness. With workout, I can challenge myself in so many different ways and it never gets boring. I can always better myself and see what I’m capable of. As I already said, it’s not just about getting physically strong, it’s more about getting mentally strong.

The last and probably not as strong reason as others, is physical condition. Workout has benefits for my whole body; besides feeling amazing after workout, it gives me energy for the whole day, I sleep better, I can concentrate on different things, I am stronger 15555632_10209561850135766_271779152_n(physically and mentally) and I am healthier than I ever was. Losing weight is not my priority and I never focus on that, because that’s not why I workout in the first place. If I skip a workout, I don’t feel guilty about it; if I would workout only because I would’ve wanted to drop a kg or two, I would’ve eaten myself alive and I already was in that state in the past. I workout, because of all the reasons I’ve mentioned in this post and because I enjoy and love it.

Workout is something that is in my routine almost every day. Not as obligation, but as opportunity to become the best possible version of myself. I challenge myself on daily basis, I try new things and enjoy everything I do.
You know, it’s not hard to find excuses. But if you have clear vision, goals and dreams, you don’t even think about excuses. It’s all in your mind – if you want something bad enough, you will always find a way to reach that something – no matter what. If you ask me, what is pushing me forward, the answer is simple: my goals. I want to succeed so badly that nothing can and will stop me. This is who I am and I am giving my all into it. And so should you, because when you have your goals defined, everything in life is much easier.

Until next time,


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