How to stay motivated?

15493977_10209512585384178_1041061974_nHello again!

This year is slowly coming to an end and new year will come. But with new year, there are also coming new goals and plans. We usually set short- and long-term goals, but the ‘problem’ lies in realization of those goals. We are all motivated in the beginning, but that initial excitement usually evaporates. I was always one of those people, whose goals ‘disappeared’ in first two months of the new year. But past two years, I slowly improved my realization of new year’s resolutions and I want to share some tricks and suggestions on how to stay motivated and focused on your goals, especially when you want to give up on them.

1. Write down your goals

This tip is probably the most important one, because without writing your goals down, on a piece of paper, you already set yourself to fail. You can write them in a journal, on a piece of paper, on your computer, even on your phone – whatever you prefer. It’s important that you write them down, so that you can actually see them, whenever you want and whenever you feel like giving up. When they are written, you can always look at the, remind yourself of what you want to achieve, why are you going after them and how far you have actually come. What I really like, is to visualize my goal down to every single detail, because when you ‘see’ it, it’s most likely you will achieve it.

2. Break the goal into smaller pieces

This one is also very important. When you will set your goals, some of them will probably be bigger and almost impossible to reach. That’s why a lot of people give up before even trying to achieve them. When you set yourself a goal, break it into smaller pieces and set rewards for reaching those little steps. Do one piece at the time and don’t rush. It’s important that you stay focused and inspired and when you have smaller goal to reach, you will feel more motivated than having a big and almost impossible one. Set yourself a reward after achieving a piece – it’s easier and you will feel more motivated.

3. Organize yourself

15401211_10209512584904166_456283052_nWhen you set yourself a certain goal, you have
to include it in your day and that’s why it’s recommendable that you organize your day right. For example, if you’re trying to get fit and healthy next year; besides eating right foods and drinking enough water, you have to include some kind of activity in your day. Usually, people say that they don’t find time to workout, but you can find time for something you want. Get up one hour earlier and go for a run or a hike. And be consisent, it will come i to your blood after a few weeks. It’s all about time management and sticking to it. Organize your day an evening before and include whatever your goal is, into your day. That’s how you will know when you will work on your goal the next day and there are better chances you will actually do it.

4. Try new things

If you find your goal or your way towards reaching that goal, boring, change something. Adjust your goal and take a different approach. If I can relate to that workout for example. If you are going to the gym and you find it boring after a few weeks, change it. Take a different class, workout in a nature, go for a run, find a workout buddy, there are so many different ways to make it more interesting. Make your goal a part of your life, not an obligation. If you don’t like what you are doing, you will most likely give up sooner. So, try new things, seek new experiences and keep in mind that you will reach your goal, one way or another.

e9d662487533296acc4886af64cae8135. Don’t procrastinate

When you do the same thing over and over again in order to reach your goal, you can find it hard to get things done. And that’s one point on your journey, where you can find yourself stuck and not motivated to continue. Procrastination is something that everybody experiences, but in order to progress, you have to overcome it. How? Firstly, eliminate all distractions. If you are studying, clean your table, give your phone and computer on the side and study in quite areas, in the library, for example. Break your task or goal into manageable pieces and make breaks between your work. It will help you to overcome and move you on the next level.

6. Motivational videos and books

What I find really motivating, especially when I’m stuck on the same place or when I’m feeling like giving up, is finding motivation somewhere else. I love watching different Youtube videos, because even though they are not about me, I can find myself in some of them, because of the similar situation. I also love reading motivational books, because I remind myself, why I am doing what I am doing and they give me that little boost that I need to continue working on my goals. One of the motivating factors is also talking to people, who understand you and will lift you higher, when you feel down. Believe me, talking to someone about your thoughts, helps so much.

7. Believe in yourself

Last, and probably the most important thing, especially for me, is belief. In order to reach a goal and progress, you have to believe you can do it. You have to give everything you have, you have to have hope and believe me, you will do it. Yes, there will be set-backs, but as I already said, they are part of your journey too. They are part of your success and they will happen. It’s not going to be all positive and shiny, you will make mistakes and you will fail. But it’s important that after every fall, you get up stronger and continue towards reaching your goal. You are in charge and if you doubt in yourself, if you are scared, concern and you feel that you can’t do it, push yourself. That little push will make a difference, in your mind and in your journey.

There is no magic pill to get to where you want to be; there is only hard work  and your belief. Here are seven different tips on how to stay motivated, even though you feel like giving up.
I could have waited another week or two to write this post, because new year is not even here. But, I wrote it now, because you don’t need new year to start working on your goal. There is no perfect time. If you want something, start now.7-motivational-quote-image Don’t wait for ‘perfect conditions’, because they don’t exist.
“A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.” You will find yourself in different situations between your journey and some of them will be hard to overcome. But nothing in life comes easy. If you want to achieve something, work for it, every single day. If you need help, ask for it. But it’s important that you always look at the big picture. It’s important to remind yourself how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved. Step by step and you will get there. Slowly, but surely.

Until next time,


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