Never give up!


I was in the gym the other day and my legs felt so heavy and when I started running, all I wanted was to step off the treadmill instantly. But I kept pushing and pushing and pushing. And even though I was thinking of giving up all 30 minutes of my run, I didn’t stop. I was so proud of myself, because I did something I would’ve never done before. If I would be in the same position about a year ago, I would probably give up the first minute. But this time, I didn’t. And it felt amazing!

Never give up! Never! You will find yourself on the edge so many times in your life and all you will want to do is give up. Let me tell you this: when you are in that position and you want something bad enough and you’re ready to do anything to reach that something, do not stop. Keep trying and pushing and struggling, because those little pushes will bring you success. I’m not saying that you will see the result instantly, but when you push just a little bit further every single time and you put effort and hard work in it, you will definitely succeed. It might take a year or two or even longer, but it’s by Provider” href=”#56145444″> important that you never give up.

There are a lot of people who give up, when something doesn’t go as they planned and they fail. You know what? Failure is part of your journey and success If you fall down and get up, it doesn’t mean you gave up. Try again and again and again until you succeed. It’s only one secret and that’s to never ever give up. Believe me, life is not easy and it will hit you hard, just keep moving forward. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you find yourself struggling and not moving forward and you feel like failure and you feel pain, remember this: pain is temporary. It can last a week, a month, even a year, but after it’s gone, something better will take its place. But if you quit in those moments, pain will last forever.

I already mentioned something similar in my previous posts, but I will say it again. If you want something bad enough, you will do anything to reach it. You will not find excuses. A lot of people ask me, why am I so motivated all of the time. Yes, I have goals, dreams, desire and passion, but the most by Provider” href=”#10044351″> important thing is that I don’t make excuses. Excuses are sign of weakness and deflection and I don’t want that in my life. I know that it’s so much easier to find excuses and complain and be angry with something, but where will this bring you? I know what I want and I will do 100% to reach it. I could have given up so many times, but I didn’t. ffb35ca4a7f349594bf5885d119d515eWhy? Because I don’t want all of my hard work to dissapear. I would dissapoint myself and I most definitely don’t want that, because I worked hard to get to where I am today.

I was one of those people who always watched everybody else do their own thing and be successful. And I’ve always wanted to be what they are and have what they have. But in reality, those people didn’t get everything by sitting on the by Provider” href=”#92977966″> couch and by Provider” href=”#28590024″> watching television. They worked hard, they sacrificed everything, they risked, they went beyond their fears and what was the result? They got what they wanted. And I’m not talking about any specific theme; it can be related to by Provider” href=”×1280&data_rc=2&data_fb=no&data_tagname=A&data_ct=image_only&data_clickel=link&data_sid=58cd8e8a03c6bfad7bb7c7b5bc9f1269″ target=”a652c_1480768785_wordpresscom_379956″> earning money, losing weight, getting your dream job, owning a company – anything! If others can, you can! There is one amazing quote of American motivational speaker, Les Brown, and it says: “Do what is easy and your life will be hard. Do what is hard and your life will be easy.” Everything in life takes time and hard work and if you’re willing to try, get out of your comfort zone and beyond your fears, magnificent things will happen to you.

Great people never gave up. For example, Thomas Edison who invented a by Provider” href=”#27748861″> light bulb. He tried and tried and failed 10 000 times. But you know what? He kept going and because he didn’t give up, one day the by Provider” href=”#73757019″> light bulb was invented and we literally can’t imagine a day without it today, right? He said: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” pursuit-of-happinessIf he wouldn’t have tried just one more time, he wouldn’t have invented it. And that’s something to always keep in mind. You don’t know when you’ll succeed, but eventually, if you try hard enough and don’t give up, you will reach your goal. It’s just a matter of time.

I will say one more thing. People will try to discourage you and make you give up. They have their own reasons for it and you should not try to figure out why they don’t support you. It’s none of your business to occupy your thoughts with this nonsense. There will always be somebody who will try to bring you down, but believe me, if you keep pushing and working on your goals, one day they will join you. The same people who mocked your ideas and tackled you, will sooner or later claim to love your vision. It sounds ridiculous, but this is how it goes. Their words and way of thinking shouldn’t knock you down, they should at best encourage and motivate you to become better and try harder.

It’s up to you, what you want in life. Make a choice, decide who you’re gonna be, what you want to be and where you’re going. Do what it takes and never give up. imagesMake it happen, it’s your time. Little steps and pushes will get you to where you want to be. Eventually, all that hard work and determination will pay off. “Nothing worth having comes easy.” If everything was so easy to get, everybody would do it. But that’s not the point – life is hard and it will challenge you in so many different ways. Your job is to keep moving forward, doing what you love, reaching your goals and never giving up.

Until next time,


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