Things I’ve learnt in 21 years

Hello again!

Time flies and life goes by so fast that we don’t even have a time to reflect on everything that happened to us. I’m ‘only’ 21 years old, but I have learnt a lot of new things, experienced some amazing memories, met amazing people and went through good and bad times. But these experiences have shaped me into the person I am today, a person that I’m proud to be. I know I’ll learn lots of new things in the future too, but here are the things I’ve learnt in the past and I’d love to share them with you.

1. The hard work does really pay off.

When I was young, everybody told me that if I cdiywcyuiaayznxwork hard on something, I will eventually reach it and all that hard work will pay off. And it really does. I know a lot of people, who try to find short cuts throughout the life; yes, some of them can be helpful at times, but they never work out in the long run. The best option in my opinion is to work as hard as you can and try to improve every single day. You may fail or make a mistake, but at least you know you worked your hardest. If you fail, get up and try again. Eventually you’ll succeed and the feeling afterwards will be unforgettable!

2. Not everyone is going to like you.

You can be the kindest person on the Earth, but there will still be somebody who won’t like you. And that’s okay, because you won’t like everyone either. I was someone who always wanted to impress everybody around me and I was always looking for some kind of approval from the others. But why? Yes, it’s amazing when people like you, but if you’re trying to gain the approval by everybody 24/7… well, that’s not good. It’s draining, time consuming and complete waste of time. Be yourself and the right people will love you for who you really are.

3. Comparing yourself will never have a good end result.

We compare ourselves to everyone: our grades in school to our friends, how much prettier some girl/boy is than you and how you wish you were doing as well in life as other person. We all travel through life at different speeds, but in the end, we all get to the destination we are meant to be. “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 10.” I love this quote and it’s entirely true. Never compare your progress to someone else’s; you may be just getting started and someone else may be further ahead of you. Don’t get discouraged. Your progress, your position, your destination is unique and completely different than someone else’s.

4. It does get better.

There will be some times in your life when you’ll feel like giving up, when you’ll find yourself in the dark tunnel and you’ll feel like life will never ever get better. No matter how hopeless, worthless and sad you feel, believe me, it does get better. It takes a little longer to pick yourself up and move on, but eventually you’ll come back, even stronger. There is always that light at the end of the tunnel, just be patient.

page5. Tell people how much you appreciate them.

We all have people we love, appreciate and care about and you never know what somebody’s going through. Tell them how much you love them and that you’re always there for them if they need anything. You never know how much they will need to hear it. We don’t express ourselves as much as we should, because we take it for granted. But we should always tell our friends and family how we feel about them, especially if they mean the whole world to us and we wouldn’t be the same without them.

6. Don’t feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life.

As I already said, I was someone who always tried to please everybody, even though those people didn’t care about me. Now I know that they weren’t good for me and my confidence, but back then I wasn’t aware of it. If someone is making you feel sad, worthless, doubt yourself, angry and hurt, get rid of them. Those toxic people may be people that are close to you, your friends or even family, but don’t feel guilty for getting rid of something that is constantly bringing you down. It may be one of the hardest things you do, but letting go of someone toxic isn’t cruel, it’s an act of self-care. Take care of you and your happiness.

7. Look up from your phone.

Our generation is obsessed with phones and social media. Literally! I’m walking through the park or center of the city and 90% of the people are looking on their phone. I admit that I spend a lot of the time on my phone and I’m trying to minimize my use of it, but a lot of people are going extreme. Just look up from your phone, otherwise you’re going to miss out on such an amazing memories. Put the phone away and enjoy your time with your family and friends, meet new people, laugh and enjoy life. You can watch that new Youtube video or post an Instagram photo later, but the memories you are creating are only there at the moment, so enjoy it.

8. Just eat the chocolate bar.

Society standards can be really cruel sometimes and if bd22e93d921cfe1665b6ed6447e98144somebody knows anything about it, that’s me. Trying to be as skinny as possible so that people around you will like you and that you will fit in, can make more damage than good. Just do whatever you want. If you want to be healthy and fit, do it for yourself, not for others. If you feel like eating a chocolate bar, eat it and enjoy it. One chocolate bar won’t ruin your progress and your world won’t crumble down. You can have one little guilty pleasure from time to time, why not?

9. Don’t be afraid to tell someone – don’t bottle it up.

There will come times when you’ll have the whole world on your shoulders and feel like you cannot tell anyone about it. You may feel like it’s silly, you’ll be scared or just may feel like nobody could possibly understand and you don’t want to be a burden. Tell someone. Family and friends are made for those types of situations. You cannot always solve everything on your own, sometimes you need to accept that you need the help of others. You will honestly destroy yourself if you bottle it up. Trust me, it gets better as soon as it all comes out.

10. Life isn’t perfect.

You will look at others and think their lives are perfect, but that isn’t the case as nobodies are. Whether it’s a huge disaster or just something small, there will always be something in your life that you won’t be completely satisfied. And that’s okay, because you can’t be perfect and life can’t be perfect as well. Be yourself, forgive yourself and others, live life your own way, love yourself and others, be kind, be strong and powerful, enjoy every moment, don’t stress over unimportant things and remember that you’re not alone – you have people who love and support you and if you need help, ask for it, don’t wait.

life-is-like-riding-a-bicycle-in-order-to-keep-your-balance-you-must-keep-moving-6These are just some of the most important things I’ve learnt in my 21 years. It’s been one hell of a ride and I know it’s going to get even crazier. I’m excited for the future, for all the amazing things that I’m going to experience, all the amazing people I’m going to meet and all the lectures life’s going to teach me. But I’m looking forward to it. Life is a beautiful ride, full of ups and downs, beautiful memories and hard times, but the truth is: it’s the only one we have and we have to live it to the fullest.

Until next time,



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