Take time for yourself

Hello again!

We live in a world, where everything moves so fast and we barely find time to enjoy ourselves. Our schedule is filled from 6am until 11pm and we ‘don’t find time’ for things that we love. But we don’t even think that being busy and under stress all the time is not good for our health either, mental or physical. That’s why it’s really important that we take that hour or two completely for ouselves, without any distractions. Do the things that you love and enjoy and really take that time to relax and forget about your daily problems.

14192104_10208598592974939_3014481931524061413_nThe best cure, especially for me, is nature. I can go out and sit by the lake or on the grass for hours. It relaxes me so much and I literally forget about everything that’s happening around me at that moment. Beautiful scenery, clean air, peace, me and nothing else. There are so many beautiful places, where you can watch sunrise/sunset/animals/nature, listen to the birds singing, be by yourself and just breathe. Forget about everything and just enjoy in the moment. Believe me, it will definitely help you with de-stressing.

14796144_10209029659391330_316053462_oHaving good food is also an amazing idea. Everybody loves food. If you are having cravings for delicious mexican food, your favourite ice-cream or breathtaking american pancakes. Why not? You can indulge a little bit and have your favourite meal once in a while. Invite your best friend, mum or boyfriend/girlfriend on a lunch or dessert. You can use that time to talk about their life adventures. If there’s nobody who can go with you, go by yourself. Who said that having lunch by yourself is weird?

14795641_10209029657911293_1875973996_oTake your free time to read a good book. Is there a book that you’ve wanted to read for so long and haven’t had time? Or is there a book that everybody’s talking about how good it is? Use that free time to read it. Nowadays we use computers and mobile phones wherever we go and we literally do everything on them – even read books! Why don’t you take a good old-fashioned book in your hands and read it like you used to?
Another amazing thing, that I find really helpful, is writing a journal/blog/poetry/book. Take a notebook and a pen and just write. We usually have so much on our mind and don’t tell anybody how we feel about certain thing or situation, because we don’t want to trouble anybody with our problems and thoughts. Taking all of that burden of your chest can help so much. When you feel that you need to clear your mind, take a piece of paper and write down everything that’s weighing you down.


This one is probably my favourite (did you expect anything else?) and that’s workout. People usually ask me, why I workout and the answer is simple: it relaxes me so much and I feel amazing afterwards. Find something that you love: gym, running, walking, hiking, swimming, playing basketball, football or volleyball, roller-blading, aerobics, yoga,… There are so many different sports that you can choose from. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be an easy workout and just for 20 minutes if you don’t have time to perform it longer. But believe me – you will feel amazing after finishing it. There are so many amazing reasons why workout is good for you: it improves your memory, boosts your confidence, de-stress you, you’ll sleep better, have more energy and be happier. So, find an exercise that you can do a few times per week for 20 minutes and you will feel amazing!


And here is the last idea how to spend a little time for yourself – pamper yourself. It may sound ridiculous to some of you or at least funny, but take care for yourself in a different way – in more “beauty way”. If you’re a woman, make yourself a bath, paint your nails and put on your beauty mask. Drink a glass of wine and enjoy your evening while watching your favourite show on television. You can also organize pyjama party with your girlfriends. And men can pamper themselves as well! It’s nothing weird if you want to take care of yourself. Shave your beard, put on the comfiest clothes and relax. You can also invite some friends to hang out – you can watch a football game or play some video games. Either way, what counts the most is that you enjoy and have fun.

I’ve came across this quote the other day: “Don’t get so caught up in the daily grind that you never find any time to enjoy yourself.” And I totally agree with it. I used to be a workaholic, always occupied with studying, but never really taking time to relax. And I’ve changed that, because it wasn’t good for me. I didn’t do things that I love and I’m glad that I realized that, because I feel so much happier and energized now that I finally take time for myself. Just do it!

Until next time,


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